Friday, 14 May 2010

Egyptian Art: onion

This image symbolizes an awesome time I have just had. There has been as international event at my uni, where I could taste different dishes from around the world and admire artifacts from countries such us Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Africa including Egypt- a place I want to go to! They have presented traditional egyptian perfumes- very strong and remarkable. Food was excellent, originally made by students- Malaysian rice (delicious), Greek salad (knew before!), Saudi Arabian coffee (got used to it and want to try it again!) Serving coffee to visitors is an age old custom derived from Bedouin hospitality traditions and an important part of Saudi Arabian generosity. Saudi Arabian chicken sandwiches and dumplings and lots more from Kuwait and Egypt plus delicious traditional cheese and apple cake from Poland. And of course white tee from China! No..I have not eaten Egyptian onions...Yet!


Eve said...

That's a very beautiful picture. I never thought I would say that about onions. :D Sounds like lots of interesting eats, I'm curious about the cheese and apple cake. Hmmm

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Note said...

I like this piece of art. I make beautiful note cards about the natural beauty of the world around us.