Sunday, 3 January 2010

Art with New Year Resolutions

I have had lovely time in London. Now everything's back to normal. Setting new challenges is always thrilling especially if you believe things will happen beacuse you want them to happen. My head is full of ideas. When it comes to new year resolutions I decided to focus carefully on this blog above all as I want it to be something special, different and deseriable. I am going to keep you posted only if I find something unique around the web. I will highlight: hapinness, beauty, passion and positive expression in anything and everything artistic. When it comes to lifestyle everyone knows that:

=the evidence is in for fitness: increases longevity! weight loss and enhances mood amongst others!Why not make this the time to start getting in shape?

=enjoying life more brings balance to your body, mind and soul (e.g by reading this blog :)

= Taking up a new hobby or trying your hand at painting are means to self development

= Quiting drinking, smoking and getting out of debt...contributes to your general health and lifetyle mention a few...

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